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Monday, August 20, 2007

Login to the frumpy Logan

Logan....let me start this entry by mentioning the fact that I hate this car from the bottom of my heart and if the Logan was the last car parked on planet earth...I would thank God for giving me an opportunity for setting it on fire and dancing around it with joy ...

Buying a Logan and parking it in your garage is something like Peter England endorsing Actor Govinda as their chief global ambassador. They wouldn't do it. Simple as it may sound, this car is just nonsense. And Renault have completely debased themselves by doing such an idiotic act of bringing this dustbin on wheels to India.

First of all the shape. Somewhat resembles my thousand page fat telephone directory . All completely flat and boxy, the Renault designers were inspired by a kindergarten girl's pencil box and decided to make a pencil box theme car. They did make it finally and wow!...the end product looks stunning!... Ladies and Gentlemen....Make way for the Renault pencil box..err..sorry..Logan...

Dude its raining...we need to turn on the no..wait..there is no point in doing that...the wipers wont was designed to clean the windshield of a left-hand drive car...but fortunately or unfortunately in India, we people drive right-hand drive cars and Renault didn't bother fixing the wipers when they changed the position of the steering and the pedals to the right do one thing...if you buy a Logan, ask the salesman to put some complimentary tissues and a mini mop in that extra large boot as it may come in handy when it rains.

Ergonomics is as poor as gets. You need to have arms which can extend and touch the moon to adjust the A.C fan speed or to change the radio station. And that again is primarily due to the poor design and carelessness of the Renault engineers. They designed the centre console for a left-hand drive car and just left it there for the drivers to figure out and struggle. And I haven't even mentioned about the hidden and inaccessible location of the rear power window switches. Its somewhat like being in Treasure island once you get into the car. You need to search and search again for several vital controls and that gets you aggravated further.

This car was designed keeping the cost cutting factor in mind. They have done a good job. But they just got carried away after one point and decided to remove several important parts and components. In fact, most of the components are borrowed from the existing tried and tested Renault models. Its Dejavu if you have owned a Renault car before buying this one and it doesn't end there. In the name of cost cutting, Renault removed most of the sound proofing and deadening elements as a result of which, the car gets worser to sit in. Its like being inside a crowded indoor fish market when your driving the diesel at 70 mph. The chances are that you might go deaf if you are sitting in that co-driver seat for a long duration. Even at low speeds, you need loud music from those speakers to drain out the noise made by the engine. Pondering over the car's speakers, the joy of listening to your favorite sound track is completely savaged as whatever comes out of the speaker can only be classified as noise pollution.

Dude...can you shut the door for me? he cant...thats because the doors don't have handles. No kidding. The consequences of cost cutting just starts to get on your nerves the moment you step in and you will wonder what other surprises it has in store. In the event of a terribly violent head on collision, the airbag on the driver's side inflates and his chances of survival is high. The passenger sitting to his left isn't lucky enough to live as the airbag on his side is absent. But I'd rather prefer dying than traveling in this car.

Looking at it gives me an eye sore...sitting inside it gives me a chronic head ache...and thinking of buying one makes me sick. Thats what I have to say about this sculpted garbage truck which is dressed in a car like costume. For the same price, I'd buy any other car in that segment and feel happy about it. I just don't find a single sweet spot in this car and I know that I've tried really hard.


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