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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Porsche say...

Good ideas define their time
Great ones stand the test of it

These bewildering machines never seem to look ordinary, no matter how many ever times its seen. The sheer charisma and the magnetism around a Porsche is incomprehensible. Driving them is like being on another planet. The German engineers are credited to have developed this sports car that can be taken to the track on Sundays and driven to work on Mondays. Thats how a Porsche can be best described. They mean excitement, exclusivity and divinity. For the ones who own this piece of engineering magic, it doesn't get bigger than this. For the rest, well, someday somewhere!!

The shape of the Porsche 911 is eccentric yet exceptional. But wait. The initial designs were drafted by a man named Erwin Komenda way back during the cold war, who had done a wonderful job then. Agreed. But the downside is that its not been changing much after that. Decade after another, these machines just look the same, except maybe for a bulge there and a scoop here. Porsche's design house is called the laziest design house in the world by many. I just cant seem to disagree with them. Maybe the design can still be considered different when in contrast with the other sports cars of today and gives the Porsche its stunning identity but I think the design engineers can do a complete rework to make it look even more extra ordinary. The Porsche Cayenne, which is an SUV designed during the Iraq war looks quiet different, but the 911 aroma can be slightly sensed even there.

Now there is a lot of cluttering and confusion inside many of our heads. If the complete lineup of the models look similar, how different are they otherwise? Is there something distinctive under their hoods? Do they come in the same price bracket? What else do they have in common? Queries are discussed comprehensively.

Currently there are 4 models for a buyer to choose from which are Boxster, 911, Cayman and the Cayenne.

The Porsche Boxster is an open-top two seater mid-engined roadster, which sports either a 2.7-litre engine which develops 245 bhp or a 3.4-litre engine that develops 295 bhp. The Boxster's name is a combination of the word "boxer", which refers to the vehicle's horizontally opposed engine, and the word "roadster", referring to the vehicle's convertible top. This model is available with a manual or an automatic 'tiptronic' transmission. The prototype of the Porsche 986 Boxster was first shown at the Detroit Auto Show in 1993 and was available in the showrooms later on in 1996. Throughout these years, this car has won numerous awards and auto journalists across the world adore it so very much. A 2008 limited edition Boxster will be available later on this year, which looks and sounds quiet different from the normal one. Only 500 of these models will be made.

The Porsche 911 is simply the