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Friday, April 25, 2008

Brand new Tata Nanos roll out of Uttarakhand

The first few Nanos were born at the Tata Motors plant in Uttarakhand yesterday. The production line was undergoing trial runs as it saw the birth of the first few cars which are rearing to change the way India travels. The Uttarakhand plant is where the Tata Ace and Magic commercial vehicles are being produced, and soon the CNG variant of the Magic will also join that list.

These cars are samples of the actual ones which will be available in the market, the ones which were displayed at the Delhi Autoexpo were test mules, which were built separately for test purposes. Around 70 more test vehicles will be produced from the Uttarakhand production line, as it gears up for the real action in September, later this year.

The first few thousand Nanos will be from this plant, as the Singur plant will begin operations only in October. It is also confirmed that the Nano will roll out from multiple locations- satellite plants as one Tata Motors official refers to it.

300 crores have gone into this production line which as of now is 80% complete. We'll keep a close track on the Nano's development, so come back for more updates.