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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Breaking News: Nissan coming out with small car in 2 years

Japanese car manufacturer Nissan will introduce a car based its best seller Micra, in India in 2 years time. The hatchback turned 25 last year, and has sold across the globe for its reliability, build quality and user friendliness. Nissan plans to upgrade the Micra sometime in 2009, which will eventually be their debut car for India. The small car segment makes up 75% of the sales numbers and this move by Nissan indicates that it wants to make hay while the sun shines.

Nissan plans to introduce 8 models within 2012, out of which a few will be imported. The cars will roll out of the Chennai plant which Nissan along with partner Renault are setting up at a whopping 4500 crores. One high-end and another low-end small car will be the first candidates to be produced in this plant. Two engines are also going to be manufactured alongside the cars in this facility, claim vendors.

Nissan also plans to manufacture cars for export markets, similar to what Hyundai is doing with the i10 and Santro. 1,80,000 cars are planned for the first year from the plant, which has a maximum capacity of 4,00,000. Nissan entered India in 2005 and currently sells its X-Trail SUV and Teana luxury sedan.


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