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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Chrysler and Chery bond closer

American automaker Chrysler inked a pact with Chinese automaker Chery last year for selling its cars China. Part of the understanding was Chery's small car A1, would in turn be sold in the United States re-badged Dodge. The deal has everyone looking now-Chrysler is taking this up seriously and with a solid reason. The demand for small cars in the United States is rising as is fuel costs. The Chery A1 is infact in the final stages of its tests program which is required for it to be sold overseas. The compact sedan A3 will be Chery's next product after the A1.

The Chery A1 looks like a Chevrolet Spark/Matiz clone. As long as it is safe, reliable, cheap to run and exciting to drive, there shouldn't be a problem.