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Saturday, April 19, 2008

DC's latest mind boggling creation- Tata Winger Executive Van

Dilip Chhabria a.k.a DC, is known for his wacky designs and unique creations. He takes a mundane and boring Ambassador and transforms it into something that would make a spaceship from Star Wars blush. The Ambirod was displayed in the Delhi Auto Expo earlier this year proving that he's in the league of the Giugiaros.

Now, he's got all the attention by giving new life to a Tata Motors' Commercial Vehicle. The Tata Winger is a rebadged Renault Trafic Van sold here in India, aimed at organizations which believe in stylish transportation. He's refreshed both the interiors and exteriors, and my god, the outcome is phenomenal.

Vehicles from Tata Motors lack excitement on the inside with cheap plastics and poor fit and finish. The interiors sport a look similar to interiors found in Lego toy stores. DC has inturn emptied the interiors and takes the space to an all new level. Interiors are made from moulded highly contoured, complex, composite
panelling which are long lasting and easy to maintain too. An audio/video console, laminated wood accents, plush carpeting and powered curtains on windows, leather seating, and four powered captain seats as per the owner's discretion, are add on features that can be integrated. A combination of LED and fluorescent lamps lights up the interiors giving you an ambiance similar to a dance floor in a 7-star hotel. Furthermore, partition is recessed behind the driver's and co-driver's seat.

The 2.0 litre turbocharged diesel engine that powers the van is borrowed from the Tata Sumo and it's characteristic sound track is dreadful. In order to stop any of it from entering the cabin, anechoic material is used to provide the necessary sound insulation while the air-conditioning consists of a 40,000 BTU proprietary ducted system which will keep you as cool as the vehicle.

Bells and Whistles-
Electronics are a plenty once you step inside this one-off vehicle. Two 26" LCD televisions, DVD player, two component speakers, intercom, 12 V refrigerator, computer system with wireless keyboard, and inverter to run the electricals on board are the goods to keep you relaxed and entertained once you get bored of gazing around and outside.


The exterior pack a punch giving the van an unique stance that will blend in an a multi-storied IT park environment. Fixed glasses are installed replacing the existing sliding windows. Styling also includes the new front and rear fascia. Lastly, satellite television and an increase in roof height for better headroom, adds to the overall luxury, comfort and ease.

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