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Sunday, April 27, 2008

A look at the Tata Xover

Tata's Crossover concept, the Xover, is what the talk is all about. When launched, the Xover will compete with the likes of Innova and the upcoming Mahindra Ingenio. This vehicle was displayed at the Geneva auto show back in 2005, and proved to be a crowd puller. The distinctly shaped headlamps and the not-so-tata looking interiors are a welcomed change in the existing setup which would make a polymer engineer blush.

The design elements are unique and classy. Any concept car's would be, but that takes nothing away from the effort that has gone into making the Xover. Glance at it's side profile and you would be instantly reminded of the Indigo Marina. The mirror mounted indicators and the Sumo Grande like grille up front add flavor to this stylish crossover which stands on 17 inch wheels.

On the inside, Tata claim they will offer state of the art safety features like airbags, traction control, ABS. On the comforts list appear navigation system and climate control, two features that have been forsaken by the company on its existing models for the sake of cost. Ample interior space is a characteristic of any Tata Motors car and this one is no exception. The Xover can ingest 7 passengers with all their luggage easily.

This car was unveiled in 2005 and things have changed a lot for Tata since then. With the deal inked with Fiat, the 1.6 and 1.9 liter Multijet engines could find their way under this Xover's bonnet.

India is witnessing an abrupt increase in the outsourcing and call centre industry. Cab operators ferry employees in Crossovers which are convenient and comfortable. 132,045 units of the Toyota Innova have been sold so far, a market segment which hasn't seen a candidate from Tata Motors yet. If Tata could get the pricing right, they have a sure winner in their kitty.


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designerHK World said...

i think this model has been long in the pipeline...Once the Logan steppe hits the market,TATA wil launch something similar to the marina with 7 seats,but based on the all new indica/indigo