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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Maruti won't compete with Nano

We have heard it a million times. But lets hear it one more time. Chaps at Maruti would run with their hair in their hands if someone puts this question up again.

Will Maruti compete with the Nano?

A 660cc engine car priced at $3800 or Rs. 1.5 lakh was rumored to be developed by Maruti which would compete with the Tata Nano. But Maruti had earlier released a press statement, a slightly emotional one as one would call it. It also contains some serious information on its future models.

The press release read “Maruti offered the first People's Car, Maruti 800, about 24 years ago. Since then, India's middle class and Maruti's customers have grown in every facet of their lives. Their incomes have gone up significantly. Their lifestyles have improved in ways that were hard to imagine a decade ago. Within the space of a generation, the "People" who bought "People's Cars" have transformed almost beyond recognition.”

Maruti's approach to India is by launching cars, which is described by the manufacturer as "World Strategic Models." The SX4, Swift, Grand Vitara are all cars that are sold overseas and are overall quite popular and successful. With the arrival of the A-Star and the Splash, Maruti's intention to give its Indian customers world class cars is conveyed.

Furthermore, the manufacturer plans to upgrade its engines too. The new K Series engine would do it service on the A-Star and possibly could be employed in the current models late on. The K Series engine would range from 1000 cc to 1300 cc. The engine was designed keeping in mind the U.S and European markets. This engine would help Maruti equip its cars for both export and local market.

The K Series will first be seen on the A-Star. When launched, it will emit the least CO2 and by doing so, it will also address all the emission norms in the coming decade. High efficiency and low emissions are two desirable characteristics of any engine, and Maruti claim that they have both covered in the K Series.