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Friday, April 25, 2008

Skoda Fabia- 2 million and going strong!

It's nice to see a car reaching stratospheric production figures once in a while. On the other hand, this news bit makes me wonder where the Fabia was for all this while and why Skoda didn't bring this to the India a long time back. But 2 million is quite a lot, and that's one fact you can't take away from them. That's right, this premium hatch from the Czech manufacturer has 2 million examples on planet Earth.

You can buy this hatch in India in both diesel and petrol variants. The Fabia sold in India was introduced in early 2007 in International markets. The Fabia hatch and estate versions, which isn't available here, have been delivered to over 63,000 happy customers this year alone all over the globe. Now, that quite a lot and there are vital reasons behind this staggering sales number.

One reason is the brand. Skoda has been in this industry for over a hundred years and they know how to make cars mighty well. Secondly, the engines they plunk under the bonnets of these hot cakes are frugal and eco-friendly. The latter holds the upper hand when in contrast with the former lately although the difference is wafer-thin. Global warming and climate change won't be on your car's 'fiddle with today' list when it is a Skoda.

With all that said, the response in India for this car has also been superb. No points for guessing which car occupies the premium hatch's pole position for now.