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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Volvo seeking to set up R&D base in India

Cars from Volvo are one of the safest and most stylish ones you can possibly step into. Their entry into India was quite recent, and the Swedish car giant is already having plans of setting up a research and development base, much like its competitors GM and Suzuki have done. The brand Volvo has got a big reputation, much of it was built by its array of fascinating buses and trucks it has offered India for a long time. Their cars are known for state of the art safety features and technology. Earlier this month, Volvo announced that it will launch 6 new models including the XC 70 SUV within this year.

Impressed with India's design and engineering capability, Volvo wants to set up a R&D base in India. It is also trying to add 7-9 new dealers to its list, who will all try to achieve selling 500 cars this year and give Mercedes, BMW and Audi some issues to think about.

You may have a look at the different models Volvo has in store for India here