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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Indian Car Blog on a break

As you can figure out, Indian Car Blog is evolving and evolving for the better. Within 2 weeks of its launch, the weblog has attracted more than 600 visitors and 2000 page views. As the boring and dry layout is getting on everyone's nerve, its high time that its done away with. Right now several layouts are looked on to and its quite a time consuming process of selecting the right one.

Do come back later for more news and updates. A lot of exciting, exclusive and entertaining stuff in store later on this month. Its worth the wait. Trust me :) If you still want to keep yourself informed, check out older entries which are packed with information that would instantly enhance your knowledge on the current happenings of the Indian Auto industry. Do leave a comment if you found something interesting. That is what keeps any blogger ever fresh and enthusiastic.


Indian Car Blog


designerHK World said...

well keep up the good work....but one suggestion - the procedure we have to go through to put up a post is very tedious and frustrates me..cuz each time i have to put up a code and stuff...just simplify this process..cheers